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My websites are hand-coded using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Why does that matter? It all comes down to the level of customization that you’re looking for.

Many web designers have the creative eye required to bring a company’s artistic vision to life… but they often opt to use pre-built website templates that end up looking similar to websites you’ve seen time and time again.On the other hand, many web developers have the expertise required to build custom sites from the code up… but they tend to prioritize function over optics.

My approach is unique. With a background in both design and development, my process results in cohesive websites that perfectly blend the two critical elements of functionality and beauty. My websites are built from scratch using code,resulting in websites that are just as unique as your business.

Brand Identity Design

This term sounds complicated but it’s not. A “brand” is just an intangible feeling that a person has towards a company. Put more simply, people like brands for the same reasons they like new friends: they’re friendly, inviting, warm, welcoming and kind.

Every brand identity project that I work on begins with brand research and architecture. But for me, the more important part lies in capturing the emotion and feeling of a company.

Photos & Videos

In reality, most of the people who browse your website will have no idea who you are or how your business operates day to day. So how can they trust you? Show them. Through photography and videography.

I recently started pursuing my passion for film, fashion + creative directing and implementing these skills into my websites and brand projects. I am still learning photography terms and editing basics, but for me, the most important thing is simply capturing people as they are.

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Website Hosting + Upkeep

Prices range from $30/mo to $100/mo and include a certain number or working hours. We can talk through which option makes the most sense for you!